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A Treatment As Individual As You
When it comes to permanent hair removal, there is no better solution than Electrolysis--a treatment that is as individual as you. Not only is Electrolysis the best option for permanent hair removal; Amenity Electolysis will also work with you every step of the way to customize your treatment to ensure that you attain your desired look.

With Electrolysis, all the experience and personal attention you need to address your unwanted hair concerns are available using the most trusted hair removal method available.    

A-men-i-ty — the quality of being pleasant; attractiveness; an attractive or desirable feature; something that conduces to comfort, convenience or enjoyment                       per Webster  

Feel Beautiful, Confident & Enrich
Your Enjoyment of Life
There are various reasons why individuals remove facial and body hair. Some are concerned with health-related issues; others seek enhanced beauty. No matter what your motivation, keep in mind that extensive use of temporary hair removal methods can contribute to increased hair growth. The ideal solution for permanent hair removal is Electrolysis.
What to Expect
At your initial free, confidential consultation, a thorough health history will be conducted to fully understand any issues that could be related to excessive hair growth. Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity and structures of hair present, previous use of temporary hair removal methods, heredity, hormone function and stress all influence the customization of your own treatment program.

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I look forward to working with you and will provide the best treatment options available. There is no better time to start than today. Call for a complimentary consultation and demonstration. A year from now you will be glad you started today!
Jeannie M. Bush, RDH, RE, CPE


Welcome to Amenity Electrolysis
where you will be treated in a kind, compassionate, private setting.
Committment to Excellence - Jeannie M Bush, owner of Amenity Electrolysis explains her committment to infection control, how electrolysis works and what to expect. Electrolysis is the only permanent method - explanation of various types of hair removal. Electrolysis benefts any skin or hair type for any age or gender including transgender individuals. What to expect in your first appointment. The Transgender population is very welcome at Amenity Electrolysis.
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